Spending Money = Patriotism ????

The 4/8/08 Bangor Daily News editorial, “Early retirement is unpatriotic”, is a sorry excuse for a tenable position.

The first time I started to slog through it, I verified the date, and part of me still believes that it had been submitted as a satirical piece to run as an April Fools’ day literary joke. The editors must have put it in the wrong pile! The author lists reasons why it is both selfish and unpatriotic to retire at 55, or even 65! The reasons do not even merit detailed listing, but involve further amassing personal wealth, increasing billions in additional tax revenue, and slaving away a few more grueling years as we do our share to shore up this suckhole of an economy.

I formally retired at 52. I thought that offering up my position would open up a good paying job for someone else, get them up and spending. I have seen too many men die before they were able to really live their retirement dreams. My father was one of those men. If one buys this author’s reasoning, we may well need to sign over a death warrant to our children, as we pass our credit card and mortgage payments on to them. Those of us who have somehow have avoided buying that plasma screen TV are now unpatriotic Americans. I’ll try to spend more money, and not cripple the rest of America.

Where is the voice of Thoreau? We need some help here!

Whatever happened just taking care of food, shelter, and clothing?

Who is up for a real lavish traverse of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010? We might be able to fuel some real appreciable economic growth if a big enough bunch of us each throws $6,000 into the suckhole.

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