Still Hanging In There

      Had a great visit this morning.  I made breakfast for Loon, a thru hiker from the 1998 season.  He lives over in Searsmont, next town over from me.  I used to work with him when he was principal of Rockport Elementary school when I worked there in 1989.  He has left me  a hard copy of his daily Trail Journal, and it means a lot to me to read it.  I know a number of the people he refers to in the journal, folks from this area he had relationships with.

It is always a huge breath of fresh air to hang out with a fellow thru-hiker.  They have been there, done that, and are usually changed people for doing so.   Transformaitonal apprentices, I call them.

I had to share this piece from his journal.  Loon is not a big guy, might weigh about 160, pretty lean.  He didn’t eat very much here, but on 4/30/98 while in Damascus, VA

” This is what I ate:  scrambled eggs, potato hash,  five strips of bacon, four glasses of orange juice, four biscuit halves  with gravy, grits with cheese, two warm apple dumplings with caramel on them, a large plate of fresh fruit, three slices of tomato, four apricots, a biscuit with apple butter on it,  glazed apple dish, and several cups of coffee,  We ate for two hours.  “

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