Ice Warriors

Polish power is alive and well in the Himalayas. Read all about it, featured in “Himalaya Ice Warriors”, within the Jan. 2008 issue of National Geocraphic magazine. Polish mountain climbers have a huge history as innovators in winter season climbing techniques. The article clarifies why my wife believes that everything I do for leisure time sports involves some degree of suffering.  This article is proof that it’s a Polish thing!

Quote: “Wielicki says he’s trying to ‘infect’ a new generation of polish climbers with ‘the joy of positive suffering- because if something is easy, you will not enjoy it, really.’ ”

and, this piece:
“Among serious apinists, Kukuczka is often considered the greatest high altitude climber of all time. Described as a “psychological rhinoceros” unequalled in his ability to suffer…”

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One thought on “Ice Warriors

  1. sheri

    Tom, I did read that article in National Geographic – (one of my favorite magazines, along with the AMC magazine.) Yeah, anyway, yahoo for polish power I guess. (My last names ends with “ski” – by marraige, but still —) However, I equally enjoyed the most recent edition of NGM with the beautiful border collie on the cover. Just want to add that I thouroughly enjoyed your TJ adventure and am enjoying your blog — one of these times I should take more time to make a more thoughtful comment on your blog — but I’m too busy reading V8’s and Auntie Mame’s TJ!! Hey, enjoy the solitude, you’ll be fine! I know you’ve had a hard time adjsuting to civilian life since being back. Positive thoughts are going your way —- from Connecticut—Take care!


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