Tearing away..

I am not sure in what order to list these events in my life. I know that I want to write about the winter camping trip I took last week. But right now there is something more important to me that is on my mind.

I am actually living alone in this home . I have never lived alone in my whole life. Maybe there a a lot of us out here, but I wonder? My wife is off on her own 6 month hike of the Appalachian Trail. I know, because I drove her through the aftermaths of a snowstorm yesterday so that she could catch the bus to Logan Airport , then Atlanta, then Dahlonega, GA. She’s sick, and doesn’t have the fuel to start tomorrow , and we are all hoping that things brighten up her own layered palette.

I shared the same room with my brother until I went to college. I got married just at the end of college, and have lived with my wife for these past 35 years. It feels real different not having someone here to share the space and energy . Scary, and exciting.

I think about the Appalachian trail a lot.

I will quote from the legendary Trail Angel, Paddy-o, who states that,
“Where else can one go to get so much out of life? Day in and out, for our own unsought after betterment and that of others. Those that set foot on this Trail for any duration can receive more than they can dream.”

Next I will write about our trip outside on Canada Falls Lake, where it was 15 below zero in our tent one night.

One thought on “Tearing away..

  1. Arlo

    I’ve lived solo for the past four years or so; it’s definitely lonely at times, but also very peaceful. If there’s any mess, you know that it’s your mess. If you leave something somewhere, it stays there. Your awareness of space and change gets more acute. Tell friends to stop by often, and unnannounced. That’s a plus for me, since your schedule is now entirely your own.

    I’ll give you frequent calls, but in the meantime take advantage and spread out over there!


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