We like the price, not the product

I have to pass on this article that was printed in a recent NY Times Business section.  It is entitled My Cortex Made Me Buy It.It is a must read for all of us that strive to place a smaller footprint of consumption on this earth .  Basically the research is now there to prove that the brain is now programmed by advertising to fire up at the sight of a higher price tag on an consumable good, regardless whether the product is any different at all than a cheaper, less “desirable” version.

What have we done to ourselves to deserve this?  !

One thought on “We like the price, not the product

  1. Arlo

    I think this has potential for a really long discussion. I believe the price-salivating is a trickle-down effect from wanting to emulate the luxury lifestyle of the days of old. Clearly the ‘luxury’ marketing is bombarding everyone nowadays, while not delivering on any semblance of quality or return on investment. There’s a book about it, as well:


    I think the chilling part of the article you mention is that the products were identical, and the favoritism was based on price. I don’t think you need to worry about being grouped in that herd, Dad. I bet that Burger King coffee cup is still in the van. 🙂


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