Sometimes a great notion

Winter sunrise in Maine

hits me and I want to tell everybody about it. This time it is not my idea, but most of the great ideas I entertain are not generated here at 290 High St. I am grateful for a gift subscription to The Sun that was sent me by my friend Petro. The very first issue ( Jan. 2008) came and it was as if Petro dialed in a bull’s eye for me.
I don’t want to get into the issue of whether suffering is genuine, but I would strongly suggest reading the following article from a recent issue of The Sun magazine: Through A Glass Darkly ( hit the title for direct link) . It is still online, for how long, IDK.
It starts like this, and just doesn’t let up: “Why do you think it is important for us to pay attention to the dark emotions, in particular?”   and then it goes from there. The article hammers home my belief that at the very minimum, distracting ourselves from, and at the worst burying,  our sadness and grief  not only cheapens our chances for a true, rich life, but may lead us toward true danger.

I was the kind of guy that didn’t really believe it could get that bad with depression until this Fall, when I returned from my 6 month AT trip and found myself  falling, falling, deeper, and deeper into depression and grief. The article is like gold to me, plus it is readable!   I do believe that when we don’t have ways to befriend and work with sadness, fear, and despair, things can turn violent or we pay the price in other ways.

Reading the article really moved me forward in my understanding about why sadness comes, and how it is a part of life, and how we grow from it. If anyone takes the time to read it, I’d appreciate your comments .

2 thoughts on “Sometimes a great notion

  1. John (from St Pete Beach)

    Happy for No Reason is a book that is currently on the bestseller list. Read the reviews at It is a pleasant contrast to The Sun interview which is not light reading.


  2. Thanks for sharing this article, Tom. It reminds me of when JFK was shot – my first big grief experience – and how at 13 I couldn’t find any adults to connect with about what I was feeling. The shock of it, yes, but the grief and fear? Nobody talked about that. It was a big lesson in “sucking it up”…I think we need to have more to offer young people in these situations. This article is getting at that, I think.


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